Caroline Kenny

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  • BA Psychology
  • DPsychSc Clinical Psychology
  • PG Cert Cognitive Analytic Therapy

Caroline is a clinical psychologist with over eight years experience of working therapeutically with a wide range of behavioural, emotional and relationship concerns and the different ways in which these can become symptomatic and cause us distress in our lives.

"I believe effective therapy starts with fostering the experience of being carefully listened to and understood. In my experience, this process alone can reconnect us to our own resilience and courage to make changes for the better in the area of life or the specific difficulty that prompted the decision to enter therapy. Where, for whatever reason, life challenges have felt overwhelming or difficult to resolve, therapy may also involve a gradual process of gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves and our automatic ways-of-being-with ourselves and others, some of which tend to be helpful to us in our lives and some of which may no longer serve us well, or contribute to distress.

During your first session, we will work together to start to make sense of the challenges that have led to your decision to start therapy,  and I will offer you considered feedback as a starting point to deciding how we might best move forward according to your needs within the therapy process".

In her therapeutic work with children, Caroline uses a highly collaborative and developmentally sensitive approach which, where appropriate may also involve parents and other family members.

Caroline holds an additional qualification in Cognitive Analytic Therapy and is experienced in Cognitive Behavioural (CBT) and Mindfulness-Based therapeutic approaches which emphasise the integration of a collaborative and solution focussed approach, within therapy. She also works as a senior clinical psychologist in the public sector where she provides supervision and consultation to professionals and assessment and therapy services to children, adolescents, and families.