Addiction Counselling

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addictionAddictions can allow people a temporary escape from their problems and can develop from many activities eg alcohol, drugs, eating, gambling, shopping, sex and use of the internet.  The primary characteristic of an addiction is an inability to stop repetitive behaviour in spite of harmful consequences.  A skilled therapist can help the client to start to understand their emotional needs and difficulties which underpin the addictive behaviour and face the realities of life with hope of addressing the underlying  problems connected to the addiction.

We can help with issues like:

  • Understand the painful emotions behind your problem
  • Assess the nature of the problem
  • Set realistic goals
  • Formulate a detailed behavioural plan
  • Achieve your desired outcome


Contact us now in confidence at Arduna @ (01) 833 27 33 to discuss making an appointment with one of our therapists who can help you with addiction problems.

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Audrey O’Cinneide
Carol Owens
Donna McCabe
Gail McGuinness
Juliet Smith
Sinead Carroll
Susan McFeely