ADHD Assessments

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Children, adolescents and adults who have difficulties with attention, impulsivity, or over-activity can experience problems in their academic development, relationships with parents and peers, or low self-esteem. The effects of such difficulties can be seen in how the young person or adult thinks, feels, behaves and relates to others. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the name given to pervasive problems of attention, which may or may not, included additional difficulties in impulsivity or over-activity. It is important to recognise these difficulties in order to ensure that the child or adult is receiving the appropriate academic, emotional and behavioural supports to address current problems and prevent the emergence of future issues.

For Children/Adolescents - In order to assess attention and activity problems, the psychologist will carry out an interview where parents will be asked about their child and to fill out a detailed questionnaire. Following this, the psychologist will meet with the child on two occasions to carry out a number of detailed tests in a supportive and child-friendly atmosphere. Additionally, the psychologist will ask that the child's teacher complete a detailed questionnaire, to give a complete picture of the child's behaviour and social interactions at home and at school. Once the child's primary needs have been identified, parents and child will be invited to return to receive a full written report during a detailed feedback session with the psychologist, with clear recommendations as to how their child can be best supported.

Aims of the Assessment for Children/Adolescents:

  • Understand your child/adolescent's  intellectual ability.
  •  Discover any barriers to learning for your child/adolescent and how these can be addressed.
  •  Gain an understanding of what underlies your child/adolescent's attention difficulties.
  •  Develop a plan to best support you and your child/adolescent in meeting their academic, emotional and behavioural needs.
  •  Identify any additional supports for your child/adolescent into the future.

For Adults - We also provide ADHD assessments for adults.  Upon enquiry, details will be taken and you will then be contacted by one of our assessors to discuss your exact requirements and to discuss the process for assessment.

Contact us now in confidence at Arduna @ (01) 833 2733 to discuss making an appointment .


Ian O'Grady
Dermot O'Callaghan